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Monthly Archives: October 2013

What Age Should You Have The Big Talk?

Parenting sure does have its perks.   Like today when my neighbor met me at my mailbox to tell me what a terrific job I was doing raising such sweet children.   My eyes narrowed skeptically.   See, that morning happened to be the 564th time the two younger ones argued over whose turn it was to ride shotgun. I […]

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A Different Kind of Protection

  It happens almost every time.  It makes me laugh every time.   During the Q&A portion of my parent workshop, one hopeful parent raises a hand and asks the question, “Traci, would you be willing to have the talk with my child?”   What are they, crazy?!   It always gets a chuckle from the […]

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The move from Southern California to a small town in North Carolina presented our family with a few adjustment challenges.   Wanting to soak up local culture led us to discover a hilarious morning radio program. Ah…John Boy and Billy– can’t get much more southern than that.  We had to listen–How could we not? I think the first […]

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Sex and Fire

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 I watch him intently. While aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents are lost in the laughter and conversation of the evening, I can’t take my eyes off of him.  His shameless campaign ended when we elected to allow our 13-year-old son the sole responsibility of building and tending the campfire.  I wondered if anyone else […]

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