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Are You A Bird or a Bee When You Talk to Your Kids about Sex?







Psst….You know what?


The way I see it, you’ve got this sex thing figured out— what I mean is the talking-to-your-kids-about-sex thing. I’m trusting you got the other figured out too.  But the sex talk—well from the stories I’m hearing as I travel around, you definitely got this! And thank you for sharing your stories with me. It really means so much. Together we’ve laughed through our awkward moments, we’ve shed tears over some painful issues, we have shared hugs of encouragement and occasionally we’ve even resisted the urge to gasp at each other in shock.


It’s been my experience that although we approach the issue differently, most of us pretty much fall into two categories.


There’s The Birds. And then—well there’s The Bees, of course.




The Birds


I just adore my sweet birdies—forever taking the delicate approach. You grace is only eclipsed by the immense love and dedication you carry for your chicks. Soaring elegantly overhead, you observe and monitor your fledglings with sincere devotion. You handle the sensitive issue of sexuality with careful discretion and prudently swoop down and lead the discussion in the most tender way possible so as not to overexpose or over-explain anything unnecessarily.


Possible Weakness:  Birds run the risk of offering too little information—being ambiguous or vague.


(e.g., Mama Birdie to her  8-year-old: “Hey Punkin’, how about we do something different and not show off our Wee Willy Winkie again tonight at church.”)


Advice for Birds: Continue to seek and utilize good resources. Be of good courage and confidently deliver those fat little worms of information back to the nest.


NEVER lose your gentle spirit.


The Bees


Oh how I love my fearless Bumblebees—courageous and mighty. The boldness of a mama bomber is only eclipsed by the fierce love she has for her precious callows (Yes. I did look it up.) You buzz with a focus and determination of spirit that leaves most sitting back to marvel at you.  Always ready and willing to take a bite out of the tough task of discussing sex with your kid, you dive in with unwavering fortitude. Your discussions are filled comprehensive and truthful facts. You cover it all so as not to leave your little honeys with any lingering questions.


Possible Weakness: Bees run the risk of offering too much information too early.


(e.g., Mama Bee with her 8-year-old: “…and if you think that’s gross, just wait ‘til you see this photo of what genital warts look like.”)


Advice for Bees:  Continue what you are doing: Pollinate, pollinate, pollinate! But be mindful that a touch of nectar will be your best friend and will ensure that your approach is warm, sweet and age-appropriate.

NEVER lose your valiant spirit.


Whichever category you most identify with, the birds or the bees, chances are you are probably somewhere in between.  Maybe you are even a BumbleBird? A Birdbee?


Either way, you are doing an amazing job.  I’d love hear your story!



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