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A Different Kind of Protection

  It happens almost every time.  It makes me laugh every time.   During the Q&A portion of my parent workshop, one hopeful parent raises a hand and asks the question, “Traci, would you be willing to have the talk with my child?”   What are they, crazy?!   It always gets a chuckle from the […]

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The move from Southern California to a small town in North Carolina presented our family with a few adjustment challenges.   Wanting to soak up local culture led us to discover a hilarious morning radio program. Ah…John Boy and Billy- can’t get much more southern than that.  We had to listen–How could we not? I think the first […]

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Sex and Fire

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 I watch him intently. While aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents are lost in the laughter and conversation of the evening, I can’t take my eyes off of him.  His shameless campaign ended when we elected to allow our 13-year-old son the sole responsibility of building and tending the campfire.  I wondered if anyone else […]

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