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Has your child ever asked you a question that made you blush?

Weren’t sure how to respond?


The Big Talk is probably the most feared discussion any parent will ever have with their child. Most parents prefer to wait until the child is older to discuss sex while others simply avoid it altogether. The problem is, if parents are not talking to their young child about sex, someone else is, and it likely isn’t the kind of information you want your child to know.


Although it may not feel like it, discussing sex with your young child really is a privilege. Embracing your role will allow you to incorporate Godly values when teaching the biology of sex. And the best time to lay this foundation is before age 12!


The Birds and the Bees without the Butterflies! is a gift from one friend to another. It is designed to be a stress-free, easy to follow approach that will be a great resource for you. After reading it, you may even look forward to talking about sex with your young child.


Too much?


Okay, how’s this, instead? By using the PARENT Approach, you certainly won’t fear it as you did before.


Filled with practical tools and actual dialogue and discussion examples, The Birds and the Bees without the Butterflies! will give you the encouragement to courageously tackle this sensitive issue with confidence and shape their sexual values before they reach their teen years.


Be prepared when the time comes.







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